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The department of La Creuse, which is called after the river La Creuse, is a part of the Limousin region. In this green and low populated area countless streams run through a landscape of hills and vales, woods and fields.

The valley of La Creuse has been painted by impressionists as Monet. He even has its own art movement, the school of Crozant. Crozant is a lovely village on a rock above the La Creuse river. There are impressive ruins.

A short distance from the campsite young and old can make beautiful outings to picnic fields and playgrounds next to a watermill or an old monastery at the riverside of La Petite Creuse, a Creuse river offspring.

The Sidiailles lake where you can rent a boat and have a swim is not far. Just like the lakes of Les Trois Lacs in the Creuse river with their sandy beaches and pretty villages such as Le Bourg dHem and Anzème.

Boussac itself has a beautiful castle, where George Sand, benefactor of Frederic Chopin, wrote her novel Jeanne. In 1965 extensive renovations started and now the castle is an historic monument. 

There is an ongoing exhibition of classical and contemporary tapestries from the famous Tapisserie dAubusson collection, many rooms are to be marvelled at, stylishly furnished and decorated. 

At the Pierres Jaumâtres, at a stones throw from Creuse Nature, are gigantic boulders. A mystiery from the times of King Arthurs. At the foot of the stones hill is a three climb site. Montluçon is a 35 minute drive. It has a nice historical city centre and hypermarchés (megasupermarkets). Aubusson is world famous for its weaving mills. The town has a beautiful and interesting museum and the local tourist office hands out a guide for a days walk to show you all the highlights of its city.

The village of Ahun and its neighbour Moutier dAhun are a must. The church in Moutier dAhun is one big sculpture; fascinating. Nearby are Masgot, a small village loaded with stone sculptures, and Sous Parsat with a contemporary fresco like you have never seen before. La Châtre, to the north of Boussac, is a pretty town in the Indre style, the department next to La Creuse.

Oradour-sur-Glane, a well known second world war monument is in a days reach of Creuse Nature.

For garden and contemporary art lovers La Creuse is paradise. Les Jardins de Drulon and the museum at the Lac the Vassivière are strongly recommended.

Last but not least; Limoges. It is further away but very possible for one day. Limoges is famous for its china in all forms and shapes. It is a really French town with a beautiful city centre, a Galerie Lafayette and numerous terraces and restaurants.



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