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Creuse Nature is a quiet campsite in a wonderful area full of natures beauty. We are well known for our large variety of activities for all ages. Most of the activities are proposed during school holidays and in the months of July and August. But in April, May, June, September and October there is also a variety of activities like yoga, pottery, sculpting, wine-tasting and communal meals.

In summer on Wednesday evenings there is an open stage where everyone can make music or play theater. Friday evening is bonfire-night with singing and storytelling. The exciting games in the woods are long standing tradition for youngsters.
For your well being there is yoga, aqua-gym, the sauna and the hottub. And you can treat yourself to a massage. Fishing in our lake is very popular as well. During the season we offer a daily activity program with circus, crafts, and especially for the youngest there is a storytelling time every evening. For the sportive amongst us there is volleyball, football, table tennis, a pétanque-competition and archery under the supervision of a trained teacher. There are two nice and calm golf courses nearby. From Creuse Nature you can take superb walks and bicycle tours. We organize special theme weeks as well, such as a nature week in May, a music week in August, and a walking week and ofcourse Creuse Nature Jazz in September. 

Activity overview 2020

Massage 1/4 -15/10

At Creuse Nature we offer massages the whole season. Beneficial to relax your body!

Discovering Nature 29/4 – 6/5

After wintertime everyone wants to go outside! At Creuse Nature spring is present everywhere in April and May with temperatures up to 25° C. The forest is covered with bluebells and in the mornings a choir of songbirds will awake you. In our lake you discover frogspawn and the fascinating fire salamander warms itself in the sun. Discover nature with an enthusiastic guide between 25th of April and 9th of May. He will take you on beautiful walks, directly from the campsite or a little further away to an old lake with rare plants and birds. All activities are free of charge. This week is a must to both adults and children who are interested in nature

Jewelry making 1/5 – 30/9

Elisabeth is passionate about beads and has a wide range of beautiful old beads. Adults can make their own jewelry and children can string their own necklace.

Sculpting and modelling 1/6 – 30/6

Sculpting under the inspirational guidance of Betty or modelling with Hans. Always wanted to have a go at sculpting in stone? This is your chance! Participation for beginners and advanced.

Activities for children July - August

During all school holidays, we organise a range of activities for children: evening storytelling for the smallest, bonfire with guitar playing and singing, crafts, exciting woodgames, circus and soap slides. Every Wednesday evening an open stage for music or acting. And of course football, pétanque, table tennis and volleyball.

Archery 6/7 – 15/8

Every year the young and the older can enjoy archery on our special archery field under professional guidance. We have equipment available: bows for the left and right eyed adults and special bows and arrows for children. It is a fascinating sport. After trying at Creuse Nature, many enthusiastic guests have joined an archery club at home!

Aqua gym 18/7 – 8/8

Start the day with a aqua gym class! Six mornings a week with Ivanna and Fabienne, moving around in the water to rhythmical music. All muscles are exercised, you participate at your own level in the heated inside swimming pool or in the lovely morning sun in the outside swimming pool. This is the real holiday feeling! Participation is free.

Circus 6/7 – 19/8

Who likes to participate at the circus? Change into an acrobat, a magician, the circus director or a juggler. Everything and anything is possible in the Circus.


Monday: Parade 0-99 year. children < 4 year with parents.
Tuesday -Friday: 10:30 – 12:00 Circus 4-6-years.
Tuesday - Friday: 15:30 – 17:00 Circus 6-99 years.
Saturday: 10:30 – 12:00 Acrobatics for children and parents.
Wednesday Open Stage.

Music week 15/8 - 22/8

In an open space in the woods of Creuse Nature, amongst fields of gold. Playing or singing together. In churches in the direct surroundings. Conducted by excellent band coaches and experienced conductors. Each day for a few hours or the whole day if you wish so. Working towards three performances at the end of the week. Perfectly combined with walking, cycling or any idea of holiday with family and friends.
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Walking 6/9 – 12/9

There are many walking possibilities around Creuse Nature. During the week of 6 - 12 September we (Reinier and Elisabeth) take the guests on daily walks. The Creuse is a beautiful area to walk through and discover a variety of environments. Everyone who likes walking is welcome to join us on 6,7,8,9 en 11th of September. The walks are between 10 and 15 km long. Some of them will start at the campsite, others start at a short driving distance. Participation is free. You just need some good walking shoes and a small backpack for your own lunch.

We offer an arrangement of 220 euro per person or 365 for 2 persons. This includes a campsite pitch with electricity from the 5th till 12 of September and a 3 course dinner for 7 nights. Excluded are drinks and tourist tax of 0,33 euro pppn. If you would like to rent accomodation, pay the restaurant arrangement, 112,50 euro per person, plus the rent of the accomodation, reservervation costs, drinks and tourist tax

Creuse Nature Jazz 15/9 – 19/9

All information can be found on https://creusenaturejazz.org/. Three concerts accompanied with a lovely 3 course dinner for 29,00 euro per evening, three nights for 80 euro, excluding drinks.

The Jazz arrangement costs 300 euro. Included is a pitch for 7 nights with electricity and three concerts accompanied by a 3 course dinner for two persons. Excluding drinks and tourist tax of 0,33 euro pppn.

Reservations on info@creuse-nature.com



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