Naturism and dancing

Naturism and dancing 13/07 – 20/07

Becoming one with you/NATURE

Bennie Bartels :


This week is not about learning a technique, but about expression from and within your own body, within your current possibilities. Dance in the broadest sense of the word, the physical language, is our source. Music, environment and the other play an important role in this.


Nude is not just about being naked. The first priority is strengthening the connection between nature around you (environment) and your own nature (inside). The same I strive for with this Dance week, otherwise fully dressed. Searching for your own movement / nature, stripped of must, conventions and condemnation. Challenging game, work and fun.

Two workshops per day.

This is how we build on this. For five days one in the morning and one in the afternoon, about one and a half hours long. Except the Thursday, which is free. You sign up for the whole, although bales or something more important are no problem.

Final presentation.

We are working towards that at the end of the week. Not as an end in itself, but as an oak point, to make the Dance week more a whole, one experience. Our audience of friends and interested parties let us share more, then 'see our trick'.


At the beginning of every day, but optional. In about three quarters of an hour, let yourself be examined by a study into a certain pattern of movement, in which you can experience grounding, breath, support, connection and energy in a concrete way. Take, feel and read yourself in relation to the other person. That gives energy, makes you feel that you can do more than you think. Or as a participant said: "It makes my body happy!".

Bennie Bartels.

Raised on the farm: an educational, physical and creative environment. Then lived in the dance on a professional level (international) in all forms. Special love for Argentine tango, the intimacy of movement and communication within the embracing of a couple. Also contact improvisation, daily movements, Martial Arts, labor, sports, go crazy and everything else that has to do with moving. Dissects and reads movement in itself and with others and therefore works very personally and specifically with people. Fascinated by creating choreographies with amateurs and professionals, from assignments, games, technology, research and the deepening of what moves us - and not what movements we have to do. Always creates surprising and moving results.



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